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MOT tests are conducted by qualified inspectors who will assess your vehicle’s safety and environmental standards. The duration of the test varies depending on the type of vehicle and standard MOT testing procedures.

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What We Check in a MOT

A MOT (Ministry of Transport) test, also known as a vehicle safety inspection, is a comprehensive examination to assess the roadworthiness and safety of a vehicle. The MOT Reading test includes the following components:

Suspension and Steering | MOT Reading

Suspension and Steering

Steering wheel system is inspected for any excessive wear or play.

Brakes and Discs | MOT Reading

Brake Pads and Discs​

Braking system is thoroughly inspected to ensure it is functioning properly.

Emissions Test | MOT Reading

Emissions Test

Emissions test to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Seat Belts & Safety Checks | MOT Reading

Seat Belts & Safety Checks

Ensure that all seatbelts are securely anchored and in good working order.

Front and Rear Lights | MOT Reading

Front and Rear Lights

The condition, alignment, and functionality of all external lights.

Tyre Fitting | MOT Reading

Tyres and Wheels

The condition, tread depth, and overall safety of tyres and wheels are assessed.

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The MOT Reading test will be conducted by qualified inspectors following the standard MOT testing procedure. They will assess various components of your vehicle for safety and roadworthiness.

Expert MOT Testers

Qualified MOT testers who inspect your vehicle and provide advice on any repairs.

MOT Repairs

All MOT repairs carried out within 24 hours. Includes a full MOT retest.

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Your question on MOT tests answered.

Most MOT tests are completed within 45mins to an hour.

Class 4 MOT test costs £45.00. Payment in full after your MOT test.

You can drive a vehicle to the MOT test centre for repairs and a MOT retest. You will need a valid appointment booked at the MOT Station to prove you are on route to have your vehicle repaired and tested.

You cannot drive a vehicle on a public road if your MOT has expired. There is a fine of £1,000 for driving without a valid MOT. 

If your vehicle has passed a MOT test, you will be given an MOT test certificate and the results will be recorded with the DVSA.

If your vehicle  has failed the MOT test, you will be given a report of all the necessary failures and repairs which are required. We are able to provide a quote on your repairs and have your vehicle retested for you.

Advisories are notes about your vehicle and often refer to repairs which are required in future. Please speak to our staff for further details and an estimate on how much the repairs will cost.


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